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In response, Adeena becomes enraged when the three meet up later at a Black club, asserting that Samantha doesn't belong and that she'll never understand why because "it's a Black thing." After Samantha tells her off for not being "open-minded" Adeena grabs her by the hair and starts a fight that is then broken up by Chivon and security.

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With all that historical and cultural baggage in play, what makes Malika's encounter with Isaac in "Swipe Right" notable is not just that the story allowed her to be right about his unspoken romantic preference for white women, but that it gave her the language she needed to articulate that fact to him without flattening her into a stereotype of an irrational or jealous Black woman.

did not simply reduce her suspicions and insecurity to "bitterness" as so often happens.

It's uncomfortable and rarely talked about out loud because it often gets misconstrued as unfounded jealousy or bigotry towards interracial relationships. [...] it's that dating outside of your race, as a black man, has traditionally been viewed as a status booster and this seems to be exactly what Jesse may be perpetuating. It is an unconscious reflex steeped in a complicated history of oppression, white supremacy and the correlation between dating or marrying white women and success.

When even living legends like Eartha Kitt are rejected by their Black male peers because their Blackness is seen as a hindrance to ambition, the existence of Black love can begin to feel taboo and rarefied; in desperate need of protection.

Adeena's characterization is just one of a litany of comically offensive things about the episode.

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