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While those values can vary a little bit between one culture to another still the main outline will always be the same.

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Puts, associate professor of anthropology, Penn State.

"If similar vocal sex differences appear across species with similar levels of mating competition, then we infer that sexual selection produced these sex differences." The researchers conducted three studies and found that a deep-pitched male voice was seen as dominant by other males, but had a smaller impact on attracting females.

They used 1,721 vocal calls, free of background noise, from individuals of known species, sex and adult status.

They used mating systems --monogamous, promiscuous or polygynous -- as a proxy for the intensity of sexual selection.

The researchers first looked at the fundamental frequency of male voices across the anthropoid primates -- those most closely related to humans, including gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans.

Intimidating men attractive

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