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A corrupted database that might not even show itself until an upgrade was attempted is unusual and just not suspected by most people. If you can, I would try backing up your existing photo library and re-installing i Photo 4 onto another drive, as the installer will not let you install it to on the same drive that has i Photo 5.

Add to that that a simple fix was so readily available (rebuilding the database with a key command first, and which I, at least, was totally unaware of) -- and because it was so simple, many people might actually have done it -- and I think Apple did let its customers down by not having a better warning. If you are able to load i Photo 4 onto another drive, you may still be able to access your pictures as you did before.

If anything is unclear, please request clarification. Jackburton Google Answers Researcher Alas, I have no back-up....a two week trip to China, just returned...poof! I have been an apple user forever: surviving in a PC world....

Like finding you've been robbed by a roomate....

Old Toad, I followed your advise - "Go to the HD/Library/Receipts folder and remove any receipt with i Photo in the file name" and I still get the following msg: "An eligible i Photo application was not found in the location /Applications."Gee, where else would I have my i Photo app but in the apps folder?

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