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It was registered as a distinct breed in the CFA, but fell out of favor by the mid-1990s due to serious health issues; only 98 were registered between 19.

Despite this, breeders took a liking to the look and started breeding towards the peke-face look.

Many fanciers and CFA judges considered the shift in look "a contribution to the breed."A Persian with a visible muzzle in contrast with a Persian with its forehead, nose and chin in vertical alignment, as called for by CFA's 2007 breed standard.

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Hair on the shoulders and upper part of the hind legs is somewhat shorter.

Conversely, the Angora has a very different coat which consists of long, soft hair, hanging in locks, "inclining to a slight curl or wave on the under parts of the body." The Angora's hair is much longer on the shoulders and hind legs than the Persian, which Bell considered a great improvement.

In the Middle East, region they are widely known as "Iranian cat" and in Iran they are known as "Shirazi cat".

The first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Italy from Iran (historically known as Persia in the west) around 1620.

The first breed standard (then called a points of excellence list) was issued in 1889 by cat show promoter Weir.

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