Is audrina patridge still dating corey rainie and mike dating

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"I was always shown in a light where I was just kind of sitting there, listening all the time and not giving [anything], they would never let me let my voice out," she spilled."Gosh, it was really hard for me to watch all of the episodes.

Is audrina patridge still dating corey who has taylor kitsch dating

He was with them in Las Vegas one weekend, and he told me that and [it] kind of broke my heart.""When I asked them about it, I didn't hear from either of them for weeks," she said, adding, "It made me feel even worse, like, 'Why aren't you calling me?

Something did happen, neither of you guys are calling me!

I feel like I was so young and naive and trusting," she reflected.

"If I could go back and do it all over again, I would be prepared.""[But] I almost feel like maybe I wouldn't change anything," Patridge added, telling ET it would probably take the excitement out of everything.

"So, I kind of told him, 'We're going to film one more time.

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