Is channing tatum dating amanda bynes

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Feel free to comment and share this blog post if you find it interesting!, Amanda spilled that shooting her makeout scenes with Channing was extra-awkward when Jenna was on set.“It was definitely strange,” she admitted.

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He is best known for playing baseball professionally, but the real ones will know he was dating Lauren Conrad for a little while on While Amanda Bynes definitely is out of the paparazzi spotlight right now, I'm sure that will change now that she's made her comeback.

Her dating life at the moment is still up in the air, but back in April, sources at Hollywood Life claimed she had a new boyfriend that was a Jared Leto lookalike.

In the Paper Magazine article, Amanda says she would just get high and tweet so tweeting about Kid Cudi may have been the subject of one of those drug induced tweets.

In since deleted tweets, she would write things like "With Kid Cudi :)" and then also tweeted about them potentially buying a house.

So it definitely faded quickly, and he soon moved on to now ex-wife Jenna Dewan.

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