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Early that morning, Westwick called Harling and invited the producer over to his house, which Cohen said was somewhere in the Hollywood Hills off Mulholland Drive.Harling called an Uber and the pair went to Westwick’s home.“I have absolutely not.”In light of the allegations, the BBC announced that it was suspending the debut of “Ordeal by Innocence,” a new television series starring Westwick, “until these matters are resolved.”Los Angeles police opened an investigation after Cohen filed a report this month at the LAPD’s Hollywood station.

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The three of them spent the morning in Westwick’s bedroom, she said, drinking and smoking marijuana, playing dress-up with his hats, speaking in different accents, playing rap music and writing.

Cohen said other people were in the home, including Westwick’s then-roommate.

Reflecting on it now, Godbe Lipman thinks the whole situation was a setup. A friend invited her to a Glendower Avenue mansion she said Westwick was renting in August 2014.

By the time she got there, she said, the party was over.

Another, Rachel Eck, told Buzz Feed News that Westwick groped her that same year at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, where she showed up to hang out with her ex-boyfriend.

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