Is joe mauer dating anyone what to say to girls online dating

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The centerman, who resides in London, Canada in the offseason, is more well known for being the guy who stood in front of an Evgeni Malkin slap shot during the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals, thus breaking his right fibula.

He may be destined for NFL mediocrity for the entirety of his career, but at least Philip Rivers has love. Super Bowl rings can't buy you happiness, so at least he has wedded bliss going for him.

Unlike Le Bron, though, they didn't need a big ceremony to make it official; they just went to a courthouse on an off-day on the schedule and barely told anybody.

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And all is well on the home front, too: The Dallas native married high school sweetheart Ellen in 2010, and at that point, they had already been together for seven years—which means their love blossomed right around ninth grade. Well, if you're Mario Manningham, you register one of the most famous catches in the history of the NFL, win the Super Bowl, sign a lucrative deal with another team that will soon be headed to the Super Bowl, and then you get engaged to your high school sweetheart. As those of us who, at some point, have stalked Tyler Seguin on Twitter know, the Bruins' Gregory Campbell got married in the summer of 2012 to his high school sweetheart, Katie.

The lavish affair took place at the Trump Tower in Toronto, Ontario.

He is a part of the super awesomely historic Los Angeles Dodgers, who are headed to the postseason after steamrolling any and all competition they have faced since the All-Star break.

He's been an All-Star for three years running, he won the Cy Young in 2011, finished second in the voting last year and could have another one in his possession about a month from now. The ex-New York Giant and current 49er showed up to the 2012 ESPYs with his new fiancé on his arm, whom he met in high school, according to Bossip.

See below: You know you're a dependable guy when you're 43 years old and you're still with the same girl you were dating in elementary school. Apparently.)The Greatest Closer in the History of Baseball met his future wife Clara when they were just wee little ones in Panama. Mike Lowell was the leader of not one, but two World Series-winning teams: One surprise contender in Florida and another built-to-win machine in Boston.

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