who is tracey edmonds dating now - Is olivia wilde dating salman rushdie

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The surprise cameo is left unexplained; as is Scarlett's unusually bookish choice of outfit, complete with oversized glasses. Perhaps the star of The Other Boleyn Girl is trying to impress Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, with her literary credentials.

Judging by his expression in the video, however, he's just as happy appreciating her more obvious attributes.

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Earlier this week the author, who has been married four times, was spotted stepping out in London with a peroxide blonde singer.

To make matters even more interesting she is 40 years his junior and dresses in bondage gear for her provocative stage act.

Liriano, who deals with beautiful women all day long, speculated that models are attracted to him because it raises their stock.

“A beautiful girl wants to be taken seriously — she wants someone with that kind of gravitas to help prove she’s not just a pretty face.” Jezebel deputy editor Dodai Stewart says Rushdie probably suffers from a disease known as “trophyism.” “Clearly there are other physical varieties of women in the world, but he seems to have a specific type,” she says.

The 60-year-old is single again after the breakdown of his fourth marriage, to stunning model and chef Padma Lakshmi.

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