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by  |  05-Sep-2019 23:06

Clicking the Cancel button abandons any value changes and returns the control to the default mode.You can control the appearance of the data rows when the Details View control is in edit mode by using the Edit Row Style property. Details View Update Event Args) Handles dv Item Detail.

Sometimes, we required to display form fields in non-editable mode.

We can achieve this functionality by setting read-only or disabled attribute to form fields (textbox, label, checkbox, text area).

There is some great documentation on MSDN regarding this.

In general, if you need code (custom event handlers/validation) behind your Info Path forms you should use the VSTO Info Path template and create a project alongside your workflow project.

When in edit mode, each bound field in the control that is not read-only displays the appropriate input control, such as a Text Box control, for the field's data type.

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