rules on dating married men - Javascript validating phone number field

by  |  12-Oct-2019 19:47

I'm working on a web form with several fields and a submit button.

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To validate phone number from text type input field we are going to use j Query.

We are going to check if the value of the phone input field is a valid phone number or not when the form is going to be submitted.

If so, you don't want to prevent those people from entering a perfectly valid [international] number. Remember that client-side validation is only a convenience you provide to the user; you still need to validate all input (again) on the server.

TL; DR don't use a regular expression to validate complex real-world data like phone numbers or URLs. This is a very loose option and I prefer to keep it this way, mostly I use it in registration forms where the users need to add their phone number.

This border is supposed to remain in place until the user corrects the error. I have tried several different ways to go about doing this, but have gotten several different types of errors.

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