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Adoptee Birth Date: 1-10-1965 Adoptee Gender: Female Adoptee Birth Race: White Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: Baby Girl Reeves Adoptee Birth City: Santa Cruz, CA Adoptee Birth County: Santa Cruz County Adoptee Birth State: California Adoptee Birth Country: USA Adoptee Birth Mothers Name: Wanda Tramell Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: Tramell ?

Anne’s, but they will only pass along my info to him if he’s made an inquiry. Adoptee Birth City: Los Angeles, CAAdoptee Birth County: Los Angeles County Adoptee Birth State: California Adoptee Birth Country: USAAdoptee Birth Mothers Name: Mayme Farrell Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: ? I spent three months in the Children's Home Society nursery in West Los Angeles before being placed with my adoption parents of record.

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It didn’t communicate much, other than the boy’s name was Robert Andrew and that he was placed with a family who already had children. They agency was Child Care Services at Orange and Front Streets in Media, Pennsylvania. The final adoption was on 6-16-1966 when he was 18 months old.

(Update) My youngest child has a serious medical condition and we are trying to find any medical history we can find on my husband. We do not have any other info on the birth mother and none on the birth father. The adoption agency they used was close to home but I believe they flew to California to meet him and bring him home. Their lawyer was Crawford Orphans court of Delaware County.

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