John bimson redating the exodus

by  |  11-Jun-2019 22:12

But this makes it very close to the beginning of the early date supporters 430 year total sojourn giving a very short period for the Israelites to become too numerous for the Pharaoh as told in the Bible. gives it as 430 years[6] which leads us to believe it was an estimate.

In any case the genealogical evidence points to a sojourn considerably shorter than 400 years perhaps nearly 150 in reality.

The late date option is Amosis (1580-1558) who overthrew the Hyksos which probably induced a backlash against the related Hebrews.

If this is so then the gap between the beginning of the oppression (1730) and the Early Exodus would be 284 years giving 150 years for the Hebrews to multiply.

However this gives further biblical problems as mentioned earlier about the length of the oppression.

As the Hyksos were of a similar racial stock as the Hebrews then it would have been a favourable time for their reception into the country and for Joseph's promotion. The length of the oppression causes problems for both sides.

All we know from the narrative is that the period must be at least greater than 80 years of Moses life plagues period.

And there were at least 2 pharaohs involved as one died whilst Moses was in Midian.

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