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The show promises to explore life, death and everything in between.

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Those fun-loving, straight-talking, blue-collar Conners are back, and just when we need them most.

In an age when sitcom “grownups” look more and more like college kids, the return of good ol’ Roseanne and Dan is a beautiful reminder that the funny bone doesn’t go numb at 50.

It’s a few days before Thanksgiving, and Barr finishes a quick smoke outside while she chats about past family feasts. “I really appreciate the fact that AARP didn’t ask me to do their nude centerfold this issue,” Barr, 65, deadpans.

Her trademark smirk and nasal delivery are still in excellent form.

I turned it into an art project, and it took about six years to transform this big dump into a really awesome place. Of course, they mostly want to hear about the other famous people I know, like if I’ve met the Rock. She grew up with an alcoholic father until she was in high school. They’re probably a lot better than I thought they would turn out.

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