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Their relationship is mostly immature in several meaningful aspects.

Rachel jeopardizes her career by dating him, so they keep their relationship secret.

Plus, it is plainly obvious that they have different interests and simply remain together for the physical attraction and fun of it all, leading nowhere serious.

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That's probably for the best, given Tommy's short temper and screechy ranting.

Rachel ironically dates Paul (Bruce Willis), the father of the college student whom Ross is dating.

Really, the relationship was based on nothing but sex appeal. Paolo (Cosimo Fusco) hardly spoke English (he was from Italy), but that didn't stop him from making a pass at Phoebe when he was still with Rachel.

He was suave, sleek, had that foreign cultural appeal and charm, but he was also unfaithful and selfish.

How did Rachel not see the obvious similarities Russ (David Schwimmer in a dual rule) had to Ross?

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