Judaism interfaith dating

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It should go without saying these irritating experiences are a facet of dating across religions, as well as sexes and sexual orientations. ”Charlotte has a few more years of dating experience on me, but that exhaustion resonates (and, ironically, WASPy Charlotte ultimately converts to Judaism for her husband, Harry).

Judaism interfaith dating

Moreover, it’s not just, as Riley referred to, “an issue of opportunity.” The logic behind exclusively marrying someone who shares your religion doesn’t necessarily seem compelling in a modern and increasingly secular society.

Paul Golin, the Executive Director of the Society for Humanistic Judaism and co-author of How to Raise Jewish Children Even When You’re Not Jewish Yourself spoke to me about his own experience marrying someone who wasn’t Jewish.

According to a 2013 survey from the Pew Research Center, the rate of intermarriage among non-Orthodox Jews is 71 percent.

Thus, statistically, as an American Jew who is not Orthodox, there are overwhelming odds that I will, ultimately, marry someone who is not Jewish—if I marry at all (the fast-growing number of single Americans suggest there’s also a decent shot I won’t wed).

All these factors put the pressure on people not to be part of a religious community.

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