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The video above is an exclusive first look at Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis’ controversial new film “Horny Lesbo Dancers”.

As you can see in this video, “Horny Lesbo Dancers” is the story of two c*nt hungry carpet munchers who prance around each other flaunting their tight bodies in leotards until they can not stand ..

According to the father, the boy was torn and didn’t know who to root for, because he’s half Russian and half British.“Lucas the day before there was a small crisis before the Euro.

Fortunately, everything ended with the score 1:1,” signed the father.

Actress Mila Kunis poses naked on a plush leather chair in the offensive photo above.

Mila may think that she likes the way cow hide feels against her bare skin now, but just wait until us Muslims get our hands on her and give her the righteous whipping she deserves. It is no secret in the Russian media that before being sold to heathen Hollywood by her mother for a case of vodka and a bundle of old cabbage, Mila Kunis performed in a porno with her ex-boyfriend Victor Kumalovsky.

How did the lives of Natalia Vodianova after her divorce from first husband Justin Portman, with whom she lived for almost ten years and raised three children, we all know.

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