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His mother is a chemist and his father is an engineer.

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The actor, who had a position advising the candidate on Arts policy during the campaign, had expressed a desire to join the incoming administration late last year after the election. Penn’s widely covered declaration in the second week of April that he was leaving "House" to serve in the Obama administration was handled on the show with death of his Kutner character in a sudden suicide.

Found dead in his apartment by other characters, the death was left unexplained in House, with Hugh Laurie’s lead character believing that Kutner’s gunshot to the head was an act of murder, not suicide.

The episode, which was broadcast on April 6, was augmented online with an official memorial website for the character.

The site featured photographs of the actor, a fictional obituary, emotional notes from fellow characters, a forum for fans and a Facebook link.

He’s presently in the process of completing a graduate program in International Security there.

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