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Israeli deter- mination was further spurred by displeasure with the amount of time it took the U. to resupply Israel during the 1973 war.^^ By the end of the 1 970s, the Israeli military industry was supplying 40 percent of Israel's military needs." But production runs solely for the domestic market resulted in high costs per item.The longer production runs necessary to lower unit costs created an imperative to export.They point to the power of the "security establishment lobby," comprised of the upper echelon of Israel's political leadership (this has remained remarkably constant since the founding of the state), the top levels of the military, and the officials of the parastatal arms industries. S., there is a "revolving door" in Israel, with many of the top figures serving successively in two or all three of these sectors. has blocked — at the behest of Britain— the delivery of A-4 Skyhawks to Argentina, and it has in the past vetoed the export of the Kfir aircraft, leverage it is able to exert because of the Kfir's U. The Israeli success in persuading the Reagan Administration to incorporate Israeli arms sales to the Islamic Republic into a bizarre and controversial series of contacts with Iranian leaders is probably more typical of the operative U. In 1975, 16 ISRAELI FOREIGN POLICY Israel followed Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's advice and helped South Africa with its invasion of Angola.''' Even after the passage the following year of the Clark Amendment forbidding U. covert involve- ment in Angola, Israel apparently considered Kissinger's nod a continuing mandate.

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Over the years Israel has sold weapons — and often along with the weapons come Israeli advisers — to Costa Rica, Dominican 1 4 ISRAELI FOREIGN POLICY Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua (under Somoza), Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Nigeria, Rhodesia, South Africa, Svi^aziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Iran, and a number of European countries and several non-governmental factions.'*' Sometimes even the least desirable customers have required some softening up: "Greatly detailed stories abound of the huge bribes Israel has used to suborn defense ministries, with the sole objective of nailing down arms deals."'" As time went on an additional problem arose: arms sales became the motor driving Israel's foreign policy.

In times of economic crisis it became the supreme exigency.

While all of the administrations since Eisenhower were obliging to one degree or another, the Reagan Administration seems to have made Israel the object of cult worship.

It is known that the President subscribes to the superstition propounded by right-wing Christian fundamentalists that Introduction 1 1 Israel will be the site of the battle of Armageddon which precedes the end of times.*' To help Israel prepare for more immediate battles, the Reagan Administration has increased its military and economic aid to the highest levels ever.

~Ca^^ Irec This UN^ Ambassador Andrew Young after Young met with the PLO representative to the UN.

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