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She helped loosen up Following the death of her husband from colon cancer in 1998, Couric did commendable work raising awareness about the disease.Her live colonoscopy and other segments produced a 20 percent increase in colon cancer screenings dubbed "the magazine reported she went through five assistants in five years.Before Perlin, she briefly dated professional trumpet player Chris Bottie (who happened to be five years younger than Couric).

But when it comes to the issue of who to settle down with as a life partner, it’s often stressful for guys as many ladies of today in the cities are, to be candid, not showing REAL signs of a good wife material. But that would be when I find the right person; I mean that person I love so much and want to spend the rest of my life with; that’s when I’ll settle down.

#Go Figure Below is what Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu said about his inability to find a wife yet… The reason why I am not married now is that: Ultimately I would like my relationship with my wife to be like that between God and the church; that’s why it is important to me. I have gone through a lot of experiences that made me wise.

Her salary, mind you, is $15 million, and Couric has a taste for expensive enterprise work.

"People are pissed about Katie because she's soaking up the money and she's not making any money," [Jeff] Zucker, who was then twenty-six and beginning his own rise at NBC, told people, "Katie's the most natural person I've ever seen in this role." He would hold the camera on her wide, slightly crooked smile, and Couric, for her part, played the role of a regular girl, with a safe pinch of irreverence.

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