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It's been estimated that nearly one in three Crave TV users watches the show.

You should take the vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Katy is the daughter of two evangelical ministers but has rebelled against what she was taught to believe.

A third season was also ordered a few weeks after season 2 wrapped production, and debuted on Canada Day in 2017.

Season 4 was released on Christmas Day 2017, followed by season 5 on June 29th, 2018 and season 6 on Christmas, 2018.

The temple’s origin is a mystery, but based on carbon dating of organic material found on site, archeologists believe the complex may have been built by the Tiwanaku empire - one of the most important civilization prior to the Inca Empire – that flourished between 3 AD.

The most intriguing thing about Puma punku is the stonework.

You should tidy up the apartment, because someone special is coming by after work – you!

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