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Asian men in Canada often fret that the laws of supply and demand are working against them when it comes to hooking up with the right woman.Many of Metro Vancouver’s 400,000 Asian men, more than half of whom are ethnic Chinese, express two major complaints about the North American dating scene.

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In Metro Vancouver, which has the highest rate of mixed-race relationships in Canada (nine per cent), Lee said he has been in three serious partnerships — two with Chinese women and one with a Caucasian.

Generally, Lee joins many others in maintaining that Metro Vancouver, compared with other major cities in North America and Europe, “is the hardest place to get a date for anyone.”Many Metro men and women are so individualistic and “into doing their own thing” that they haven’t learned the art of flirting and connecting with potential partners.

If you messed up and we get mad, take responsibility. Introduce her as your [insert ethnicity here] girlfriend.

I come from the most Hispanic family of all Hispanic families: We only speak in Spanish at home, we only watch Univision and we definitely don't care about the wonderful array of television series available on HBO. My family is super Hispanic, so being a first-generation American made having such an ethnic family difficult at times.

These are some things your Latino family needs to understand about the white boy you're dating, despite what a hassle they can be to clarify: I have no clue where this idea comes from, but most old-school Hispanics still think all white people are rich.

Latin women for white men dating site

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