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By 2006-2008, she labored on Royal Court Theatre and Almeida Theatre. In 2010, she hosted the program from BBC concerning the life span of Nelson Mandela.

They broke up two years later and the actress continued with her role as a ghost, while he left the show.

Aidan, who had the country swooning after he stripped off as the dashing Ross Poldark, went on to date Sarah Greene for three years.

An Overview of TVLenora attended the University of Sussex where she obtained the degree in play.

Back in 1997, she joined The Young Blood Theatre and required coaching of a theater actress. She subsequently climbed to fame in the International Emmy Award winner, ‘Sugar Rush’ (2006).

Following her breakup, Dailymail lent her view towards separation and love at which she explained, Following the break-up, Aidan had been reported of relationship Sarah Green.

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