Little black book of dating red flags

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If he were, he would be way more cautious about bringing the whole subject up worrying that you would get offended and never see him again.He would act more careful, and would be willing to wait until YOU are ready.First impressions do matter, but here is something else for you to keep in mind: during the early stages of dating people tend to put on the best behavior possible, in other words, This is a very important point to remember, and as soon as we start talking about red flags you will see how this fact can be helpful in identifying potential future issues.

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You have different goals, and therefore you are a mismatch. He is looking forward to a brighter, happier future with a lovely woman! I say, he is not ready for a relationship with you or anyone else, he needs to go through the grieving stage and fully process his loss.

By the way, with this type of a man you won't even need to bother with the hassle of breaking up. He is not dating to form a relationship with you (or anyone else), he is dating to either punish his ex, to forget her, to dull the pain he is in right now or just for the sake of distraction. (See my article: Will he get back together with his ex?

You have enough problems and troubles to deal with, you do not need more! Dating a not nice man WILL NOT make you happy, so this one will have to go too. Nevertheless, if he acts like he is already ready to take your 10 day 'relationship' to the next level and keeps insisting on 'moving things along' I would drop him like a hot rock.

Here is what happening: he is looking to get laid and since having a meaningful relationship is not on his agenda He IS NOT LOOKING to have a relationship with you.

Dating or being in a relationship with someone who is not nice makes you a subject for verbal and sometimes physical abuse.

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