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She later married lorry driver Andrew Williams, a man whose relationship with Ellie grew so toxic that she once claimed she would “punch him in the face” if they ever met again.

Their troubles resulted in therapy sessions and her admittance that it had become a “constant area of confusion and fascination”, and inspired her lyrics, including those in 2012’s I Know You Care.

In April she spoke glowingly about her new man, saying: “The time I spend somewhere is always so fleeting. You’re constantly re-evaluating and changing your life plans.

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That summer Ellie caught the eye of Prince Harry, then living in full international bachelor mode.

The pair had been pals for years but it was at the Audi Polo Challenge event at Coworth Park, Berks, where their friendship developed into something more.

In 1991, aged five, dad Arthur walked out on her family, leaving mum Tracey to bring up Ellie, big sister Izzy and baby brother Alex in their three-bedroom council house in Lyonshall, Hereford.

Tracey, 54, took jobs in supermarkets to make ends meet.

She later said the song was “denial, really, because I don’t think he does care”.

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