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Every day, she needs to fix all her daily routines and rituals, as part and parcel of being a wife, a mother of her four kids, and a public school teacher in a nearby town.

“I need to finish folding these clothes first before doing my Daily Lesson Log while cooking rice for our breakfast. She has been in teaching for almost twenty two years but still holding a position of Teacher I, the lowest rank in the platform of Department of Education (Dep Ed).

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Philippines is in a democratic form of government that influenced by the American colonials, which colonized us from 1898-1946.

The democratic concept was introduced through the Constitutional Commonwealth or known for its 1935 Philippine Constitution by the Americans because of these colonizers, we learned how to lead our mother country.

She thinks that sometimes aspiring in higher rank with higher compensation could create deviation in the academe.

Modern technologies and way of living have been continually emerging and the gaps of non-millennials and millennials are constantly broadening.

Ang Diary ng Isang Patay (A Diary of the Dead) received more than twenty thousand likes and more than eighteen thousand shares in just two months from the FB users (netizens). The netizens became conscious and more eager about her life and her written stories.

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