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The supervision fee is per month unless the court sets a higher amount, not to exceed per month.

Failure to comply with this condition is considered only as a violation of probation and may not, in itself, authorize involuntary treatment or hospitalization.

The court may not order and the State may not pay for the defendant to attend a batterers' intervention program unless the program is certified under Title 19-A, section 4014; To remain within the jurisdiction of the court, unless permission to leave temporarily is granted in writing by the probation officer, and to notify the probation officer of any change in his address or his employment; To report as directed to the court or the probation officer, to answer all reasonable inquiries by the probation officer and to permit the officer to visit him at reasonable times at his home or elsewhere; The convicted person shall be given an opportunity to address the court on the conditions which are proposed to be attached and shall, after sentence, be given a written statement setting forth the particular conditions on which he is released on probation.

Funds from this account, which may not lapse, must be used to defray costs associated with the purchase and operation of electronic monitoring and substance testing programs.

To make restitution pursuant to chapter 54 to each victim of the convicted person's crime, or to the county where the offense is prosecuted if the identity of the victim cannot be ascertained or if the victim voluntarily refuses the restitution.

In determining whether to set an amount higher than $10 per month, the court shall take into account the financial resources of the convicted person and the nature of the burden its payment imposes.

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