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Mac was a recurring character in the first two seasons but was upgraded to series regular in the third.

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When reading with Bell, Dohring acted the whole scene as if he was the one who raped her, and tried to give the character an evil feel.

Percy Daggs III portrayed Wallace Fennel, Veronica's best friend and frequent partner in mystery solving.

Fan reaction to the character was generally negative, particularly after Veronica witnessed Jackie talking to a guy while dating Wallace.

Thomas blamed the character's reception on his error in judgment: he had hoped fans would question whether it was Jackie or Veronica in the wrong, however the audience automatically assumed that it was Jackie.

Set in the fictional town of Neptune, the series starred Kristen Bell as the title character, a student who progressed from high school to college during the series while moonlighting as a private investigator under the wing of her detective father. As Thomas had conceived the show as a one-year mystery, he decided to introduce and eliminate several characters in order to create an "equally fascinating mystery" for the series' second season.

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