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Sound and music can be the single most effective way to add appeal to the game experience.

In your game assets folder, you have two sound files: “House In a Forest Loop.ogg” for background music, and “gameover.wav” for when the player loses.

We also have an array containing the names of the three animations, which we’ll use to select a random one.

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Anchors define the origin - the reference point for the edges of the node.

Margins update automatically when you move or resize a control node.

You should stick to 2D until you have a good understanding of the game development process. In a larger project, it might be useful to make folders to hold the various scenes and their scripts, but for this relatively small game, you can save your scenes and scripts in the project’s root folder, referred to as node, we want to make sure we don’t accidentally move or resize them by clicking on them. Then click the “Add” button to create a second animation named “up”.

First, we need to check for input - is the player pressing a key?

We don’t need to change any of these settings - Godot will automatically create a function in your player’s script.

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