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Says Ancier, "This will be an homage to our shows." The schedule is: 5pm ET - Felicity, 6pm ET - Angel, 7pm ET - Buffy (2 hours), 9pm ET - Dawson's Creek. is fending off rumors that his marriage to Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the skids. [On a tangent] My husband has decided he wants to take up motocross, which is really pissing me off. So my fans will be helping out a very special kid, a 9-year-old quadriplegic who needs a specially equipped van. I love Nip/Tuck, and I'm a huge fan of The Sopranos.... (We're suckers for perfectly pedicured toe cleavage.) But we can't fathom what convinced her to dress up in rainbow plaid for the L. -- 2.21.06 - Don't miss Alyson Hannigan, currently in theaters in "Date Movie." 2.1.06 - Anthony Stewart Head has been cast by ABC as the lead of a new comedy called Him & Us, a pilot inspired in part by the life of Elton John. Online reports that she talked with Amy Acker last night... " But for the time being, James Marsters is tied up with Smallville, so we shall see.Hitting a Wednesday-night soiree alone, Prinze quipped to the Daily News, "The press is always saying we're breaking up." 5.22.06 - Kristin at E! I'm like, "What, are you going through a midlife crisis?! If I can exploit myself in a way that helps others, I'll do that. Someone sneaked me the first four episodes of this season's Sopranos. "[Joss and I] had dinner last night," Amy told me, "and he was still talking about doing the Spike movie." When I asked if she'd want to be a part of it, she said, "If it's Joss, of course I'll do whatever. 12.8.05 - TV Guide Online reports that Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed on to reprise the role of Karen in "The Grudge 2," a sequel to last year's surprise box-office hit.So newbies, look past the dated clothes and ’dos, and plunge into Sunnydale and Capeside.

Carpenter: So when you laughed out loud, was it all at Nicky Brendon? " Now that you mention it, I can see that — even with the occasional shove/"Get out! In a cemetery [on Buffy] I did that with Nicky once, and that is specifically what I thought of. I was thinking on the plane ride that if Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants to do a film, she could do "Snakes on Elaine." Carpenter: That would be so good! Do you go into auditions wearing fishnets and stilettos, dragging on a cigarette? I was going to say that to stay as busy as you do, you must have some "eye of the tiger" in you. A Touchstone TV rep tells Variety that Noxon left due to creative differences over the show's direction with creator Jon Robin Baitz, and that her replacement is expected to be named shortly. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll find out if I have one or not. I'm not holding my breath but I'm crossing my fingers and toes and praying.

Carpenter: That's an interesting concept, maybe I should try that! I like being "psychotic." And in the last ABC Family movie I did, I was nice! Is the Carpenter clan competitive like the family featured in Chaos? Carpenter: No, we're not really competitive with one another, because I think our ages are so spread out. My favorite metaphor is from tennis: Do you have the courage to win? The ensemble drama is expected to continue production uninterrupted and make its scheduled premiere on Sept. 8.3.06 - Eliza Dushku Has 'Sex' With Culkin - 'Invasion,' 'Goal! 7.14.06 - People Online: So Happy Together After nearly four years of marriage, Freddie Prinze Jr. Well, I think that just about covers everything. Well, save for a Q&A excerpt I stumbled across during research.

Post-Buffy: Seeley Booth, the hottest FBI agent in the world, on Fox's Bones. "Sometimes he gets slapped in the face, but he always ends up on top." Joss says: "He would do subtle things, comedic things [on Buffy].

It's been gratifying to hear people say, 'Oh, he's really charming and he's got this different kind of chemistry and it's not just Angel at the FBI.'" Charisma Carpenter Past life: Cordelia Chase, the cheerleader who sidekicked it with Angel after he moved to L. Post-Buffy: As seductive stepmom Kendall Casablancas on UPN's Veronica Mars, she's sexy and hilarious. 9 episode as a rental-car manager.) Joss says: "She's a stunner and can hit it out of the park." Nicholas Brendon Past life: Everyman Xander Harris, the quick-witted Chandler of the bunch.

Online reports that Charsima Carpenter is going to do a movie with Nicholas Brendon and Chris Gorham for the ABC Family Channel this fall. After all, let's be frank — God didn't really design you to play the nice girl. Has Kendall had her fun and is she now all done with Logan? " Better motocross than some chirpy 20-year-old. So to everyone reading this: Go to the convention, get an autograph from Charisma and help that kid get a van. I missed your recent Lifetime movie, Flirting with Danger. Gellar will appear in the follow-up only briefly — just long enough to pass along the supernatural curse to the franchise's next, as-yet-uncast, victim.

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