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” I said, hoping my face resembled the face of a person who was meeting someone on purpose.

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She is also a media and brand development consultant to international corporate and government organizations and has been a lead consultant to Procter & Gamble.

She is the recipient of several national National Institutes of Health awards including the US Small Business Administration Tibbetts Award.

The noodle-maker has a name: Gertrude.“Push, Gertrude, push! Instead, everyone pitched in, including former TV executive Seidel, who helped to clean the ladies’ bathroom and take out trash.

Various rooms in the small Cambridge house functioned as dressing rooms and staging areas.“The thing I loved is that everybody did everything.

We shot four episodes in two weeks without a lot of money. We say ‘Thank you,’ or, ‘I didn’t mean to be rude.’ We never go to bed angry,” Marilynn says.“And we didn’t gain an ounce during filming,” adds Sheila.

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