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I let my heart sort of guide me on that, and I turned out okay.

It was a bit of a gamble, but it's turned out pretty good.

You can throw them little curve-balls and they'll go with it. I think it's good for a movie, even when you're doing dramatic stuff."I don't like this idea of Method.

I come from that school, but what I was taught was that it's your imagination.

I hear all these young actors who are like, 'I'm Method, I'm gonna go live in the house, you know, I totally get it, I've done it, I've been there', but one thing I know is it kills spontaneity.

They'll still give great performances, but they're not playing with the other actors - it's all about them.

You Can Count on Me (2000), of course, and probably Zodiac (2007). [to upstate New York] because it was feeling empty and it didn't feel like Los Angeles was a fertile place for me as an artist anymore.

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