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You can feel her panic when boyfriend Kevin makes a grand but doomed gesture to take the relationship to another level.

There's a lot of hand-wringing about The Future and several variations on the phrase: "I'm about to spend the rest of my with this person!

" I've developed a low pain threshold, over the years, for indie films about attractive big city creative types and their romantic problems.

PHOTOS: The Scene at Sundance 2012 Los Angeles bookstore manager and graphic artist Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) is nervous about moving in with her boyfriend Kevin (Geoffrey Arend), the guitarist in a two-man band with Andrew (Martin Starr), who is engaged to Sarah’s sister Beth (Alison Brie).

Kevin takes their plans for cohabitation as a sign to move ahead faster, buying an engagement ring and considering an ideal time and place to present it.

Twenty-something Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) is a bookstore clerk and aspiring artist who's about to have her sketches premiere in a small gallery.

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