Mary catherine gallagher is dating

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Robin is trying to convince the men how great Katherine is, but they’re not interested, so she tells them they’re leaving and then plants a big old kiss on Katherine to make the guys jealous.

Later, Robin reveals to Katherine that she’s a lesbian.

When Robin finds out Gaby used her, she goes to talk to Danny.

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Robin Gallagher was a stripper who was encouraged by Susan Delfino to quit her job at Double D's, a local strip club, and turn her life around.

She later became Katherine Mayfair's only homosexual romantic interest.

Her doctor thinks Robin is interfering with Katherine’s recovery and that Robin should find a new place to live.

Just as Katherine is about to tell Robin she needs to move out, Robin tells her she got a job!

She’s quit her job at Double Ds, but has nothing else lined up.

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