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“And because we’ve worked together quite a bit, she trusts my judgment. “I think something like this is good for her because she can spend a few days not being Kylie. When I’m watching her on set, she’s very low key, she’s no bother, she’ll get involved, she’s mucking in...She’s part of a team of people making something together, mucking in and getting on with it. and I think she likes it not being all about Kylie Minogue.” This week he’s been filming a second series of BBC3 comedy Bad Education, with star and co-writer Jack Whitehall.

(2016), Dating in the Dark (2016), Drunk History (2015-2017), Catherine Tate’s Nan (2014–2015), Agatha Raisin (2014–), Death in Paradise (2013), Playhouse Presents (2013), Bad Education (2012–2014), Sinbad (2012), Sounds from the Cities (2011), Worried About the Boy (2010), Miss Marple (2010), Chekhov Comedy Shorts (2010), Horne & Corden (2009), Phineas and Ferb (2009), Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (2008), Fairy Tales (2008), Gavin & Stacey (2007–2010), Roman’s Empire (2007), The Kylie Show (2007), Robin Hood (2007), Big Brother’s Big Mouth (2007), Losing It (2006), Carrie & Barry (2005), Our Hidden Lives (2005), Nathan Barley (2005), Blessed (2005), The Catherine Tate Show (2004–2007), Teachers (2004), The Smoking Room (2004), Doc Martin (2004), Being April (2002), Noble and Silver: Get Off Me!

star was spotted with the daughter of Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon at a fashion show.

They nipped out for a cigarette together at one point and the fashion gang with cameras were advised not to take pictures." Kings of Leon star Jared Followill has also been linked to Le Bon after they allegedly swapped numbers at a London club recently. He has had a few girlfriends over the last couple of years and has also been cracking on with his acting career," the source added.

WHEN the lead actress pulled out with just four days to go until filming was due to start, Mathew Horne suggested the director should call an old friend of his. “It was in the hands of fate really because she had just three days free and they happened to be when we were filming. And I can’t imagine anyone else doing that part now.” It was for Hey Diddly Dee, a one-hour drama for Sky Arts as part a new season of Playhouse Presents.

The pair do socialise when time allows it and he will go and see her in concert, even though he’s more a fan of indie guitar bands.

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