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Box office sensation, Marcus Wright is ready to take on the role of director.

Romance author and single mom, Grace Rivera, is shocked when the sexiest man alive knocks on her door with the intent to bring her book to life.

Mayra dating

Or will they be able to LIE in one another's arms when the truth comes out?

3.75 Stars I really wanted to like this book more than I actually did.had the right ingredients for my perfect romance: single mum, emotional connection, beautiful chemistry between the main couple..some events in the book turned out not so perfect...

The Hero was a very well known Hollywood actor, who was running from his past, but never would have believed to find love in the unlikely place where he comes face to face with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, who would turn his whole life around!

The heroine has a very sweet 6 years old daughter and is a single mum and the father of her child passed away, but, the man was only a one night stand and never acknowledged his daughter and she had no contact with him.

He is willing to do anything to get what he wants, even use his charms on the beautiful, curvy woman standing in his way.

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