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Doubt This movie is the living proof that Meryl Streep is the most overrated actress of all time and that Amy Adams is one of the most underrated actresses of all time. Julie & Julia This movie proves how Meryl Streep is the most overrated actress of all time.

Meryl Streep plays at some moments so overdramatic ( as usual ) while Amy Adams plays her part so convincing and so powerful in this movie that it's a truly shame that she didn't get ( or almost ) the praise of her performance by the media while like " always " all the praise did go to Meryl Steep. Without Amy Adams or with an other actress than her this movie would be not a good movie.

This " cult " movie deserves a higher rank if you ask me.

Leo Vicenza, Veneto, Italy Adams graduated from Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado. And, now she also regrets her decision of not attending college at that time. When Amy was born, Richard was posted at Caserma Ederle. She is connected with Management Artists Syndication.

An American singer and actress Amy Lou Adams born on August 20, 1974.

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