Mos def dating karrine steffans

by  |  01-Oct-2019 12:07

He was once signed to 50-Cent’s music label, but he broke out on his own and has done very well for himself.

Nonetheless, just because you feeling sorry for Alana's rough upbringing, doesn't make it easy to sympathize with her disgusting behavior as an adult when she goes on the offensive, getting even with men every chance she gets.

Her priorities totally out of order, she has a baby with a rap star, but doesn't bother to raise the kid.

It’s a place for wealthy rappers to spend tons of money, show off how rich they are by “making it rain” on all the voluptuous strippers, and listen to loud, bass-thumping music.

Some rappers even take it a step further by getting really attached to these sexy strippers and making them their girlfriends/wives.

When you listen to a random selection of Weezy’s songs, it’s no secret that he really loves women and has a particularly soft spot for strippers.

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