Most intimidating muscle cars

by  |  09-Jun-2019 20:20

Just like its sedan sibling, the GLA is the perfect point of entry for those in the market for a Mercedes.

The cute-ute is often criticized for not offering all the frills usually associated with the brand — but it’s hard to argue with its affordability.

Unfortunately, the base model doesn’t include leather seats, and for that reason, it’s off our list.

Thankfully, the tiny Encore crossover can be fully kitted out for less than $35,000 — and the new version looks and feels nearly every bit as premium as a much more expensive ride.

A lot of people have trashed the CLA since it was launched back in 2013 as not being a “real Mercedes,” but it is a great entry point to the brand for those dead-set on owning something with a Benz badge.

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