Mucky pond dating

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Once these organics enter your pond, they begin to decompose and over time become muck. Muck Away™ Pellets contain an aerobic natural bacteria that work to break down organic muck. Hopefully the following will help you answer these questions so you can continue to enjoy your wonderful pond. Muck is caused from dying or decaying organics such as dead algae, twigs, grass clippings, fish waste, leaves, etc. Muck can also be a breeding ground for leeches as they love to grow in the muck.” A few days later, on what was likely June 16, 1904—the date on which Joyce would later set Ulysses—they had their first proper date, though it was far from proper.

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It is also great at removing floating twigs and leaves in pond that would otherwise fall to the bottom.

Aerobic bacteria performs far better in ponds that contain a high level of oxygen.

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Q: Over the years my pond has accumulated a lot of muck on the bottom of the pond. – Kate of Illinois A: For anyone who has ever gone swimming in a natural pond, you know what it’s like to step into it and feel that gooey muck between your toes. This aerobic bacteria will turn muck into an odorless gas and will allow it to escape out of the water column unnoticed.

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