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Soon after she played her first role as a protagonist in O Clone (2001), by Gloria Perez.

In 2001, following the success of Laços de Família, Antonelli played the protagonist Jade, a Muslim divided between love and religious obligations, in the telenovela O Clone by Gloria Perez.

Beatriz Cristina played the villain in the novel Escrito nas Estrelas of TV Globo, and its presence in the plot, was negotiated by the author of the novel Elizabeth Jhin, who really wanted the actress as the villain of his story.

Débora Lima Falabella (February 22, 1979 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil) is a Brazilian actress.

Falabella started acting in 1998 on Rede Globo’s teen telenovela Malhação, as Antônia.

Her character dictated fashion in the streets with veils, jewelry and exotic makeup that characterized a Muslim.

Besides being successful in Brazil the character has attracted fans in several other countries where the telenovela was broadcast.

Still in 2009, she played the role of Dora in the telenovela Viver a Vida by Manoel Carlos marking her return after almost 10 years.

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