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“The key”, hacked a toothless woman hunched in a corner, taking deep drags off a Doral Gold, “is to cut the bait into tiny pieces; change the bait when the bait turns white; change the bait, that’s the key! ” “The key is to change the bait”, the old fish hag cackled. ” echoed from her corner as we made our way out onto the ice. This poem is printed, with permission, from 3 Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian & New England Writers, edited by Valerie Lawson and published by Resolute Bear Press in Robbinston.” I tried to lie on the crumbly red granite of Passamaquoddy Bay to listen, to join the great flowing currents, rip tides, whirlpools, to embrace the St. For twelve years he lived and wrote in Portland where one critic wrote that he was “in the process of sacralizing Portland, lodging it in the imagination of readers, as Williams did for Paterson, Cavafy for Alexandria, Joyce for Dublin.” In this way I’ve been out to sea the past couple of months recording imagined travels across Atlantic, Aegean, Mediterranean, Pacific, & Adriatic waters, ports as diverse as Heraklion, Nantucket, Okinawa, Venice, & Boston. So it comes as a surprise here near the end of the Logbook that Thoreau steps in as a guide back home.” Ignoring her, the old man said, “Start with two turns up from the bottom and stagger the lines. A row of twelve smelt shacks, with steep peaked tin roofs and walls of torn black tarpaper, followed the natural bend of the river. Croix, Cobscook, reversing falls lean into the curves thru Sipayik, longed to paddle the grand lakes, around Motahkomikuk, Spedneck, undo the arbitrary lines between homelands. Hard to fathom the years-long whaling voyages Ishmael alludes to, or the five-long years father spent his youth on military transport. When I do contemplate it, it’s the difference in the scent of distant ocean, & smell of air above earth comes strangely to mind. In his posthumous publication, The Maine Woods, he records a trip up to Old Town, meeting the Penobscot Governor, eighty-nine-year-old, Old John Neptune, who recalled when moose were much larger than in Thoreau’s time, that in fact, according to legend down near the Merrimack a whale swam in, & as the tide went out, stranded, the whale stood up & walked on land, “Moose was whale once,” said Old John Neptune.I want to be called lazy and be shunned by so-called gentlemen. She now teaches at Casco Bay High School while working on a master’s degree.

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This poem comes from her collection “The Heroin Diaries,” a collection of 72 poems published by The Permanente Press and written over a decade of treating people with substance abuse disorders in Maine.” Feral Their faces are thick and red, coarsened by drink and weather, their eyes, wide and wary.

Their hands are rough-cut boards, their feet unmentionable.

At the base of each shack, hay bales, cut in the golden salt marshes of late summer, rotted into relentless mood shifts of the ice. but there were no smelts running, there was no action, there was nothing but deep booms and moans from under an aching ice, bruised ice heaving from a rising tide, anxious ice from a nervous breakup of a tilting earth. But the pink granite of Penobscot Bay, the resonant slow thunk pulled me back to the high rounded nubs leapfrogging across it, Schoodic, Cadillac, Megunticook, my hips molding more easily around the archipelago protecting the Passagassawaukeag, Naskeag and Brooklin, my blade recognizing the Upper West Branch rills, Chesuncook, and the long flow out to Isle au Haut. Were I to identify with that mythological transmogrification it’s again the distinction of the scent of the air in the distant sea, for whale & sailor alike, & air above land for moose & his trek from the Merrimack, which I’ve trekked along, & his migration all the way up to the forests of Maine.

Pulsing inside each shack, rusted iron wood stoves crackled hot with dry white pine and beech. “February’s poem, a Valentine poem, is a group poem by the poets at Spindleworks, a wonderful community of artists at the Spindleworks workshop and gallery in Brunswick. We give you a yellow parrot with a green beak singing “Beak! “In the early 1990s I spent two years co facilitating, with Julie Johnson, a weekly drop-in writing group at the Preble Street Resource Center in Portland. I take a deep breath, where both earth and sea air circulate, give thanks to Thoreau for recording that story, & guiding me back to Port.

The rusty knife the old man lent me tore them into small chunks, squirting blood everywhere. I want to get married too young and beat my children and my wife. The poem is also included in her book ‘20th Century Pow Wow Playground.’ A Stone Coast MFA, she lives in the Portland area.” All journeys begin here, Madawamkeetook, home, beside the good river, rocky at its mouth. Nomads, they called us, citing “most ancient evidence” of our passage; “the solid rocks have been furrowed by the moccasins of the native tribes.” A signpost, our chalcedony flesh.

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