Neon genesis evangelion dating sim game

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Toji's scenario objective is to become an Eva pilot and defeat the Mass Production Eva Series.Uncover the secrets behind "EVAs' Development" and the "Marduk Institute", and become an EVA Pilot. *Toji dies near the end in this scenario, although it's from the battle with Zeruel.

In his Scenario, you must get ALL the "Classified Information" files.

That's right: all 4 levels of information for all 24 subjects.

A and C are never mentioned, and, when it came time to fabricate a merchandising gimmick for the NGE2 game, they skipped straight to F.

The F Type Equipment is magenta-and-orange-colored armor that is placed on on top of EVA-01's normal purple armor.

But even if there's 5 Pilots at Nerv, it seems like Shinji aboard the EVA-01 will be the only one deployed in battle, so be prepared for some tough battles.

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