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This comes from the sense of entitlement – your “opener” has to be good enough to impress an American girl for her to “gift” you with her time.I found Hungarian girls to be very open to talking to me if I just opened them simply and confidently.Once I did that, being American didn’t hurt me – on the contrary, many of them were very impressed.

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I have a certain “zone” I can get into in regards to approaching and drinking, and if I hit that spot I am just Sometimes I go with direct game, and sometimes indirect.

We did a lot of night game and a little bit of day game on this trip, and I made 100 approaches throughout the ten days; a couple of daygame sessions spread across the ten days and a dozen or so approaches per night when going out.

Some of the Hungarian girls don’t speak English well enough to understand the sarcasm that is a huge part of our communication here in the States.

In addition to that, Hungarian girls are simply nicer.

Are you living in the USA, thinking about moving to the USA or a US citizen living abroad and looking for a partner from the US?

New dating site in hungary

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