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So he had the bright idea and was brave enough to wear it he liked it very much.

also It quickly became a trend in the 80s when he was most popular. If you are referring to Nick White from Bright Eyes/Tilly and the Wall/The Young Veins, then yes. He's been mentioned a few times on as giving his bands "gay cred." If you're referring to Nick White, the "adult film" star, I believe he is really gay (as opposed to gay for pay), but I'm not sure. Australian rugby star Nick Youngquest is not himself gay, but is a very prominent straight ally of the LGBT community, especially in the effort to end homophobia in sport and to stamp out anti-gay bullying.

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At the peak of their success the levels of hysteria surrounding them rivaled Beatlemania.

The photogenic Simon Le Bon (vocals), Nick Rhodes (Keyboards) and the three unrelated Taylors (John on bass, Andy on guitar, Roger on drums) were on the covers of all the magazines, on nearly perpetual MTV rotation and their hits saturated the radio waves.

They plod through a non-descript version of “I Wanna Take You Higher” that feels forced and limp.

The Doors’ “Crystal Ship” fits their vibe perfectly, but unfortunately their rush-job has none of the grace and beauty of the original.

There’s no glossing over the fact that is a massive misfire.

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