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List exactly what your CAM fees will cover in the lease, how often they are to be paid, and how much they can be increased each year.

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Other tenants were hit with nearly $20,000 in renovation fees.

Had the renter read the lease more carefully, they would have known enough to at least ask if any upgrades were scheduled in the near future and to see that what they thought was a simple lease was actually a Triple Net Lease in disguise.

A Triple Net Lease is the least favorable of all leases for tenants; it requires you to pay for maintenance, taxes, and insurance.

When the renter asked the landlord what type of lease they were about to sign, the landlord never mentioned the term "Triple Net." Instead, the landlord told the renter that their lease included CAM and administrative fees.

Signs were changed, the building was repainted, and some structural changes were made to the front of the industrial park.

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