Nudist hookup

by  |  08-Jun-2019 00:37

When she first prosed the idea, I was like, “No Way!

” In my mind, I pictured a bunch of fat old men and women lounging around, totally naked, playing cards, or shuffleboard.

One of the guys walked over to where Sarah and I were laid out on the chase lounge chair, on our stomachs.“Is your name, Jessica? From my vantage point, All I could see was his thick cock, which hung lazily down between two chiseled thighs. ” I asked Sarah, who by now had turned about four shades of red.“We’re old party buddies,” Sarah replied, “What a small world!

”I could see the blood vessels pulsating in George’s cock as it hung limply between his legs. He had a great looking well-toned body, the result, I was sure of a lot of hard work and exercise.“Actually,” George replied, “I am a Greek God and there’s little work that I have to do.”Modesty was not one of George’s strong suits.“You’ve got the body of a Greek Goddess,” George remarked as he sat in front of me, sipping on a beer.

Sarah was happy that I had a boyfriend, and thankfully, she wasn’t the jealous type.

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