Sex com girls chat r - Nurses dating nurses

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Such type of dilemma is what some of our nurses are facing each day.

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Plus a lot of nurses are just fat so the fire fighters and EMTs who come in all the time want nothing to do with them. Nurses are pretty low value -- great for post-shift hookups. One of my incomes is in the hospital business and I knew a shit cleaner who called herself a nurse (she was a shit cleaner). Like 75 percent of the "nurses" are actual licensed nurses.

I saw her at the hospital in her ugly pink kitten scrubs and she had her shit cleaning gear. The rest are future nursing program dropouts or usually dropout before they even make it into the program after taking Anatomy 101 (I went through nursing school, they REALLY underestimate how hard it is) or others are CNAs or medical admins that call themselves nurses while barely making over min wage.

For most of the STEM fields the math the nursing program required was pretty basic, but that shit was like string theory to a lot of the nursing students.

Some of the maneuvering students pulled to try to get out of the math requirements were pretty heroic too.

You can’t afford to enter in such a risky relationship if you know in the first place that the quality of care you are supposed to give to your patients and the attention you have for other important people in your life will be greatly compromised.

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