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Actually, Jesus does speak about gender and sex in Matthew 19.

He is asked a difficult question about divorce, something that was very sexist and not good in his time, but also very well accepted.

They are hard to reverse, expensive, and do not treat underlying psychological conditions that may exist.

The Church’s call, in most cases, is far different from what secular society teaches, so it can be challenging to navigate precisely what she teaches.

However, it is worth the pursuit, which is why we’re answering questions about the Church’s teachings on sex, gender, and variations in the 21st century here: The Church supports people being whole and healthy people.

When we do that, things don’t work as they should, and we can find ourselves very hurt.

When we examine creation, we note that reproduction occurs between a male and female of mammalian species. In humans, this reproduction is naturally accompanied by the release of hormones that bind the male and female together as a couple. Because it is good for a child (or children) to have both a man and woman taking care of them.

The Church encourages people to treat the underlying psychological distress of gender dysphoria through counseling and non-hormonal therapy to help a person come to a deeper realization of who they are as a unified body and soul.

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