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This is especially true where the speech being advocated adversely affects things such as public health and safety, traffic flow, property interests, the environment, and the administration of justice.

So to conclude, the Occupiers have: trashed the major U. cities; further drained the economy; caused financial hardship for small businesses; and demonstrated a complete lack of respect for other people and the environment.

But it comes down to this: either endure or present a solution.

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Israel benefited by having the US retaliate against Israel's enemies, Joost Abraham Maurits Meerloo (March 14, 1903 â November 17, 1976) was a Dutch Doctor of Medicine and psychoanalyst. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America Political activists would be pacified to sympathize with the government A leaked U. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for âpolitical activistsâ to be pacified by "PSYOP officers" into developing an "appreciation of U. policies" while detained in prison camps inside the United States . Gives insights into the thinking of the Committee of 300, and the Black Nobility generally. Listen to the unmistakable musical voice of Ry Cooder. The legendary performer-composer behind the politically astute Buena Vista Social Club spoke to Nicola Standbridge of the BBC about his new album.

Born as Abraham Maurits 'Bram' Meerloo in The Hague, Netherlands, he came to United States in 1946, was naturalized in 1950, and resumed Dutch citizenship in 1972. Meerloo was a practicing psychiatrist for over forty years. The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement... The insider who gave the interview was killed in 1973, ostensibly in a PLO terrorist attack, but more likely in a false-flag Mossad operation meant to shut him up. Ry Cooder Takes On the Banks You can bail out the banks, or you can sing out about them. " No Banker Left Behind " is the opening track to Ry Cooder's 2011 album, " Pull Up Some Dust...

But he CAN afford to take time off work to protest (unlike 99% of Americans) and his friend there can afford an i Phone 4. Way to make a mockery of those Americans who really ARE suffering financial strife. How about you occupy the unemployment office or and do something productive with yourself?? Sure, anyone can sit on the ground and throw a tantrum when things don’t go their way—just ask any five-year-old. Moreover, do these protesters even have an actual message other than, “Hey, we’re pissed, so we intend to sit here and complain until One passionate New Yorker suggested that we “Get rid of currency.” Other N. Occupiers proffered we simply change our political system to, among others, “Communism,” “Anarchy,” and “Primitivism”; all viable systems of governance. But this “peaceful” protest has caused far more harm that good.

This culture of self-entitlement and laziness is not only shameful but wholly counterproductive. Well, I suppose that wouldn’t even be so bad, because hey, that’s their prerogative.

He did staff psychiatric work in Holland and worked as a general practitioner until 1942 under Nazi occupation, when he assumed the name Joost to fool... Connecting radical political and social movements from the early 1960s through today through graphic memes, full length original interviews, and an archive of radical manifestos, statements, strategy guides and other documents. The Columbine Massacre has taken on new relevance, as the connections between Columbine and the "Batman" massacre of July 2012 have been discovered to have more than coincidental connections.

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